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Flew Over Dangerous Rivers

Nepal's valleys hold dangerous rivers, making foot traffic a serious issue for many. Simple things such as attending school, visiting a health post or tending crops required life-threatening trips. Villagers saw us working on a wire transport system, mistaking it as a new bridge. They urged us to design a bridge, we devised the WireBridge and installed 38, supporting over 3 million crossings without injury.

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Provide Earthquake Relief


After the devastating 2015 earthquake many Nepalese had to move to tent camps, where electricity is practically non existent. In these conditions it is nearly impossible without light to cook, study, or work after dark. SunLights are small, easy-to-set up, solar powered lighting systems that our donors fund and our partner delivers to the Nepalese tent camps to restore a more normal lifestyle.

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Rids Arsenic From Water


Some of Nepal and Bangladesh's groundwater is unsafe to drink due to high levels of arsenic. This causes serious harm to more than 70 million people who utilize wells to avoid biologically contaminated surface water. A Dartmouth engineering team identified a simple means to remove most arsenic. With this we may be able to design an inexpensive, effective, and reliable water purifier.

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