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About Looma Education Corporation

What We Do

In developing countries, many people struggle for basic facilities: education, electricity, transportation and potable drinking water. The Looma Education  (LE) mission addresses these daily challenges by focusing creative talent to develop affordable and relevant technology solutions that are easily adopted and operated by these communities.


Looma Education began in 1996 as EcoSystems Nepal, to provide safe, efficient and inexpensive transport and energy systems for the people of rural Nepal. The organization was founded by David and Haydi Sowerwine, who arrived in Nepal in 1991. They discovered that simple technology solutions could be applied to solve the daily challenges faced by rural communities. This thought inspired the creation of the WireBridge--a human-powered river-crossing system, which has facilitated over 3 million trips across the deep river gorges in Nepal. In 2008, Skip Stritter joined as Chairman of the project, renamed VillageTech Solutions (VTS) which became the global umbrella organization replacing EcoSystems Nepal. To emphasize our focus on education, VTS was renamed Looma Education (LE) in  2019. Since its inception, EcoSystems/VTS/LE has spearheaded safe, clean and affordable technology solutions with the goal to improve the lives of rural communities in Nepal and other developing countries.


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Our Projects:

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